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ICI online is a virtual extension of the Institute open to ICI scholars, independent scholars, public intellectuals, and anyone interested in furthering the conversation and study on India and China in the twenty-first century. Here you will find information on individuals and institutions associated with ICI, resources from our archives, and a place to help us shape the future.

2012 is an important opportune transition point for ICI. For seven years we have worked hard to establish a new community of India-China scholars and leaders to come together and share their work. This year we have hired two new academic directors –Sanjay Reddy and Mark Frazier — who are well positioned to deepen ICI’s engagement to research and teaching. Thirty-seven senior scholars and over one hundred and fifty junior scholars have directly engaged in ICI programs. Our partnerships with the Starr Foundation, the Luce Foundation, and the Ford Foundation continue to be a resource for scholars to continue this important work. This fall semester, thanks to Starr Foundation, we are delighted to host four distinguished India China Fellows, Jayanata Bandopdhyay, Dong Shikui, Sanjay Chaturvedi, and Mr. Sze Ping at the New School.

I am proud that ICI has become integral in advancing the larger intellectual mission of The New School. In particular, we welcome and encourage students to volunteer, consider working as research assistants, applying for ICI fellowship grants, and enroll in several new courses on India and China supported by ICI.

Looking ahead, we have re-created and redesigned our website to make it a place for all ICI scholars, including new emerging scholars to stay engaged with the Institute or its partners to find a place for research and fellowship. Our new platform will be a meeting place for people to engage in multiple, cross-disciplinary conversations, and a hub to foster friendships, share information, and critically analyze the relationship between India and China. It is our aspiration to make ICI Online a virtual hub of learning and resource for all.


Ashok Gurung
Senior Director
India China Institute Faculty
Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School

It’s a great honor to join the India China Institute as an Academic Director and to join the distinguished faculty of The New School. The India China Institute is well-known for its sponsorship of innovative research programs that foster collaboration among scholars around the world. China and India are frequently grouped together as part of a well-worn “BRICS” category of large growing economies. But beyond their size and upward growth trajectories, both societies face a range of challenges and opportunities associated with urbanization, sustainability, inequality, governance, and other pressing issues. The ways in which the people of China and India address these questions will redefine our understanding of “development.” The India China Institute provides a unique venue for scholarly engagement among a broad network of specialists at The New School and beyond. I am very excited to facilitate this engagement and to contribute to the intellectual mission of the India China Institute and The New School.


Mark Frazier
Academic Director
Professor of Politics
New School for Social Research, The New School

I am delighted to enter the role of Academic co-Director of the India China Institute at the New School. The India China Institute is a unique institution which furthers an innovative and vital agenda. There are really no entities with a comparable mandate elsewhere. I have been pleased to be connected with ICI ever since I arrived at the New School in 2009. It presents the compelling face of a new New School, engaged with the world beyond (both outside Europe and North America and outside academia) in entirely new ways while upholding the institution’s best intellectual traditions and fruitfully collaborating with all of the parts of the University. I am extremely keen to take up the new responsibilities and opportunities which are presented by becoming an Academic co-Director, and to work with the distinguished faculty and excellent students at the New School and around the world who are proudly associated with ICI.


Sanjay Reddy
Academic Director
Associate Professor of Economics and Director of Undergraduate Studies
New School for Social Research, The New School

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